Advice on what to do when results are published in August 2019

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Careers Information – Advice on What to do when results are published in August

 Re-marks: if you are considering a remark in a subject it is important that you get it sent off as early as possible as universities are more likely to honour an offer after a grade change up until the 31st August.

 UCAS offers:

Students can check ucastrack ( using their unique UCAS ID from 7.00am Thursday 15th August to see if they have gained a place on either their Firm or Insurance chosen courses. Students are advised not to worry if their place is not yet confirmed – it may take some time.

N.B. At results time it is important that students regularly check their e-mails/ mobile phone and UCAS track and reply to any offers/ submit evidence of qualifications promptly if requested to do so by a university. Universities work all through the weekend/ late into the evening following results day in August and will often contact students by phone/ e-mail during that time.

Ulster University Information:

 Applicants can submit a confirmation and clearing form (available on or through the school careers department) as a precautionary measure in case they don’t get accepted onto their chosen Ulster University course. Ulster University are also offering a ‘live chat’ service as part of their post results service.

Ulster University also have an advice line for students who have not met the conditions of their offer (Tel: 028 7028 7028). Applicants are asked to check on the progress of their application through the use of their personal identification number on UCAS Track in the first instance.

Ulster University Advice DayFriday 16th August from 9.00am – 1.00pm & 2.00pm until 4.00pm at Jordanstown campus and 9..00am to 1.00pm in Magee and 9.00am – 1.00pm in Coleraine.

What will be available at University of Ulster’s Advice Day?

Applicants attending Advice Day will receive information and help on:

  • Alternative modes of study – general advice on part-time degree opportunities
  • Employability advice – wider advice and guidance on options going forward
  • Financial support – expert advice on financial support (for both full-time & part-time study)
  • Faculty information – more detailed, course-based information and advice from Ulster’s faculties with regard to any possible places available through Clearing and/or part-time study alternatives
  • Residential Services – opportunity to discuss accommodation issues

Who should attend Advice Day?

  • Those who already know that they have been unsuccessful in securing a place on a full-time degree course at Ulster and who wish to investigate specific alternatives
  • Those who wish to study part-time at Ulster
  • Those who have been asked to attend Advice Day as a result of direct contact with one of Ulster’s faculties

Who should NOT attend Advice Day?

  • Those simply wanting to check upon the status of their offer (they should instead use the UCAS Track facility)
  • Those hoping to obtain a place informally
  • Those hoping to be placed on a “waiting list”


 Queen’s University Belfast Information

QUB applicants can also submit a course enquiry form. The form can be accessed on QUB’s website ( of from the school’s careers department.

The course enquiry form can be used in the following circumstances:

  • A student wishes to be considered for a course at QUB only if they are unsuccessful in gaining admission to their CF and / or CI offer at Queen’s – this can be because they have failed to meet the grade requirements for their Firm/ Insurance choice or have simply changed their mind.
  • A student wishes to be considered for a course at QUB instead of a CF /CI offer they are holding at Queen’s – even if they are successful in gaining a place on their CF/CI..
  • A student has been accepted on their firm choice at another institution but wishes to apply for a course through the adjustment process. (Cannot be used for Medicine/ Dentistry.)
  • A student wishes to apply for a QUB course through the clearing process.


QUB Advice Days:

N.B. Ring them first to make sure it is worth your while going up there. (028 9097 3838).

 Queen’s advice day is on Monday 19th August in the Whitla Hall 2.00pm start – advisable to get there early. This is intended for applicants who wish to discuss possible options or admission in 2020. It is not intended for applicants who have already been unsuccessful and who wish to appeal a decision.


Medical & Dental applicants – If any vacancies in Medicine are available QUB try to accommodate some of those who initially applied to QUB, attended an interview but were not made a conditional offer, provided they’re not committed to any other medical school through UCAS. If you have achieved AAA/a or AAAA or above, were interviewed for Medicine by QUB and would like to be reconsidered e-mail your results to and confirm that you would like to be reconsidered. There is no need to go to the information session at Whitla Hall unless you wish to discuss entry for 2020.


Possible scenarios that students may face in August & What to do:

 You get the grades and/or points you require or higher for your firm choice.

You have achieved your Firm choice. You have honoured the contract and the university is legally obliged to take you. The University and/or UCAS will contact you within a few days. Organise your accommodation and check your finances. If you have not received a letter from your CF university asking you to sign and return to accept your place within 5 days of the A’Level results you are advised to contact them.


You do not meet the offer requirements of your Firm Choice:

The university is not obliged to take you even if the points total of your grades is equal to or greater than was asked for e.g. if you needed BBC and you got AAD, you have not met the requirements and you are not legally entitled to a place. The problem is worsened if the short fall is in the main subject related to your degree e.g. if you apply for BA Hons English BBB and you got ABC with the C in English.

There are a number of possibilities:

    • You may still be accepted for your firm choice if they have places left and want to take you.
    • You will be held on a reserve list (pending) until the accepted students respond. You are advised to check TRACK several times a day for updates but this situation can last for up to 10 days when universities should have decided whether to accept or reject you.
    • The university will reject you for the specific course but will make you an alternative offer either for a foundation degree or a different degree course in the same faculty. NB You do not have to accept a Change of Course Offer.
  • The university will reject you and inform UCAS and you move on to your Insurance Choice – if you meet the requirements for your insurance choice the university has to hold onto it for you until your Firm choice has made up their mind.


  • If you do not meet the requirements for your Insurance choice then you will go into clearing.


You are rejected by both your Firm and Insurance choice

  • You will go into Clearing – you will be given a clearing passport number that you must give to universities if trying to gain a place through clearing.
  • You can apply to a College of Further and Higher Education e.g. Belfast Met., South West College etc. and do a Foundation degree which can lead you on to a degree course or straight into employment or you can apply to Ulster University for a part-time degree. This can work out cheaper as fees can be lower and you may be exempt from having to pay fees for any part-time courses as these are assessed on the student’s own income and not family income.
  • You can apply to return to school and upgrade your qualifications and re-apply through UCAS next year. You will need to ring the school and make an appointment to speak to the Principal if you want to request returning to school to re-take Year 14.


 Deferring (Change of year of entry)

If, having been accepted for admission this year, you decide that you would like to defer entry until September 2020, you should put your request in writing to the university (e-mail is fine; include your UCAS ID number and reason for wishing to defer).


CAO Applicants

If you have sat an English Board A’Level exam you will need to check in August that CAO have received details of your grade(s). If not, make sure confirmation of your grade is sent to them.


CAO offers – Round 1 offers usually made on the Monday after A Level results. CAO and UCAS are two separate systems so you potentially can have an offer from both in August and can then take a few days to decide which one you prefer. CAO also make Round 2 and Round 3 offers right through to the beginning of September. If you are accepting a place through CAO please contact the careers department at school so we can make a record of this as CAO do not inform us of students that have been placed through them.


Final Points

  • Always have your UCAS ID number with you when dealing with any UCAS matter.
  • Think clearly about what you wish to find out before contacting your degree course selector. Write down any particular questions you may wish to have answered.
  • If you are in clearing have your clearing passport number ready when contacting universities
  • Write down the names of people you are in contact with so that you can ask to speak to them in further discussions about your application.


Advice or assistance available through the school’s careers department: Mrs Mc Morrow will be in school on Thursday 15th August and Friday 16th August from 9.30am until 3.30pm and Mrs McCaughey, our Careers Adviser, will also be in school from Monday 12th August onwards to assist with any queries.


Remember: The earlier you begin looking at alternative courses the more chance you have of gaining a place on a reputable course at a reputable college/ university. If you are held pending for more than a few days and have not met the conditions of your firm or insurance choice it is advisable to start looking around at other courses/ opportunities as soon as possible.