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The Woodmarque Academy offers students the opportunity to earn as they learn through our industry-led apprenticeship.

In just 2 years, students can achieve advanced qualifications in Wood Machining and Digital Design manufacture and the skills essential for future employment.

We’ve developed our unique Apprenticeship to create opportunities for those who are serious about a career in wood machining and digital design manufacturing. We’re building on 40+ years’ experience of training craftspeople to use the very latest manufacturing technology to produce the highest quality, highest specification products from the best materials. It’s what our success across the UK and Ireland is built on. And it can help to build your career.

So why choose The Woodmarque Academy over traditional education routes?

We’re committed to equipping you with the skills and qualifications essential to building a rewarding career in digital design manufacturing and wood machining. And we do it in a way that is seamless, where you’re supported to learn on the job and in the classroom. Plus, you’ll get paid along the way!

Earn as you learn skills from industry experts

Get hands on experience with state of the art technology

Achieve qualifications that can take you around the world

To find out more about The Woodmarque Academy and to apply for your place check out our website here

If you require more information please contact us here;




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