Apprenticeship Week 26 – 30 April – MEGA -The apprenticeship takeover

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From Monday 26 April to Friday 30 April, companies in the Manufacturing and Engineering Growth and Advancement network (MEGA) will be given access for the day to MEGA’s social media platforms to promote apprenticeships.

This event includes:

  • The company ‘apprenticeship ambassadors’ getting access to MEGA’s social media to live stream a pre-agreed and planned story and
  • apprentices will promote their day-to-day fun and meaningful experiences to potential apprentices

You can follow The Mega Group Facebook Page (external link opens in a new window / tab)to access these takeovers.


Sarah and Todd’s MEGA Apprenticeship Adventure in Mid Ulster

The MEGA (Manufacturing & Engineering Growth and Advancement) Network are launching an animated information broadcast on their social media channels promoting the new Manufacturing and Engineering degree Apprenticeship.

The campaign will run from Monday April 26 at 9.00 am  to Friday 30 April.

You can follow the campaign below: