Careers Jam – Virtual Careers Fair

F4S Careers Jam – Virtual Careers Fair-340
Careers Jam live took place on 3rd May 2022, but the whole platform, including recordings of the sessions, are now available on-demand throughout the summer until 3rd September.
Content available on demand
  • Career Pathways – Hear from young people currently pursuing different career pathways such as apprenticeships, internships and grad schemes which help them to learn whilst also gaining work experience, advancing their career and earning money.

  • Careers That Save the Planet – The UK has ambitious Net Zero targets for 2030, hear from people working every day to help us reach them through their careers in sustainability.

  • Living in a Digital World – Digital skills are becoming increasingly paramount to many careers in every industry and technology is advancing rapidly, hear how these skills can support you into a range of careers.

  • How to Become an Entrepreneur – Innovation is key to progression and entrepreneurs integral to contributing new ideas and new ways to solve problems. Hear how these entrepreneurs took the leap and started their own business, and how you can too.

  • Careers in the Creative Industries – The creative industries impact so many areas of everyday life, from watching TV, scrolling on your phone, listening to music or reading an aricle. Hear from industry experts behind all the action to understand how they got into their careers, what it’s like to work in their roles.

  • CV & Cover Letter Writing – This session is designed to help those applying for their first role, providing an overview of the steps required to create an engaging CV, craft compelling cover letters and search for opportunities online.

  • Interview Skills: How to answer the two most important questions in any interview – Dan is a careers coach at the University of Oxford who is passionate about helping people make good career choices. In this session he will help you enhance your interview skills to help you ace your next one!

  • Work Experience: A CV game changer. Tips to access exciting opportunities – Work experience is a great way to boost your CV and job applications whilst sometimes getting you a foot in the door at the organisation offering it. Hear from people who have undertaken placements and how they have helped them.

  • How to Ace an Assessment Day – Assessment days can be a daunting experience and it’s hard to know what to expect. This workshop will help you understand what happens on the day, what will be assessed and how to prepare, as well as tips to help you ace it!

  • Stand Out From The Crowd – Top tips for bagging your dream job – Meet the recruiters to hear what skills and qualities they look for in early career applicants.

  • Being You – Equality In The Workplace – Join the conversation with business leaders who drive equality, inclusion and diversity in the workplace and help you overcome anxieties or stigmas to be open and honest and feel comfortable being ‘you’ when applying for roles or starting with new companies.

  • How to Block Out Self Doubt – Do you struggle with imposter syndrome? Do you talk yourself out of an opportunity before you’ve even tried it? Or perhaps you lack confidence? This workshop will guide you on practical ways to change your perspective, improve your confidence and embrace opportunities in front of you.

Anyone can attend the event but it is perfect for 16-24 year olds seeking career guidance and opportunities, including school & college students/leavers, university students/graduates and those seeking employment or training.
The event is free to attend online from any laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile device!
Only 1 in 10 young people feel confident they can find quality work where they live. As a result of the pandemic, work experience opportunities have been scarce, apprenticeships and internships have not been offered as widely as usual and youth unemployment rates have been anticipated to rise by 163%. We are on a mission to help young people to prepare for their future careers, and help to narrow the skills gap.

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