Deloitte: Higher Level Apprenticeship Opportunity – Audit

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Programme: BrightStart Higher Apprenticeship

Career Path: Audit & Assurance

Location: Belfast

Start Date: September-2024



Programme Description

What does this team do?

Audit has a really important role in society, helping to protect the public interest. Accurate financial and corporate reporting is essential for businesses. It means that we are able to hold companies to account, maintain financial stability in the country and protect the consumers who rely on those businesses.

Our team provides independent auditor reports, looking at both the truth and fairness of organisations’ annual financial statements.

We want everyone who joins to feel good about their role, and, as a high-profile audit firm, it’s important for us to achieve a consistent and widely recognised standard of excellence in the quality of our audit work.

The landscape for audit reporting is changing fast and our work continues to evolve. More and more, we’re using intelligent machines to automate and standardise processes, so focus can go on delivering a quality product for businesses.  Enabling you to enjoy real responsibility early in your career.


What skills and academic qualifications do I need?

You’ll need to have obtained or be studying towards at least 104 UCAS points (260 UCAS points pre-2017) for your A levels (or equivalent) to be eligible for this programme.


What kind of work will I do? 

People from a wide range of backgrounds can thrive on our inclusive BrightStart Apprenticeship Programme. It’s a rewarding leap into the world of professional services that allows you to gain real-world experience while being paid to learn and progress.

By joining us you’ll have the chance to work directly with major organisations, building your skills through our excellent training programme, and delivering quality services that make a real difference to our society.

Early on in your career you’ll be given responsibility for developing people and managing teams, supported by us every step of the way.

You’ll have the opportunity to think creatively and work together to solve problems. You’ll get involved with different organisations, which will help you to understand how they operate and learn more about the economic and industry issues that matter to them.

Our Audit business has two core areas. Choose your preference:

  • Large & Complex Audit which includes listed companies (corporate and financial services), their subsidiaries in the UK and internationally, as well as other public interest entities such as banks, insurers, large private companies and public sector organisations.
  • Portfolio Audit which spans a wide range of sectors including private corporates, real estate funds, pension schemes, financial services brokers and investment managers. Portfolio business offers the opportunity to work with privately owned, dynamic, entrepreneurial and high growth businesses.

The work we do is wide-ranging, and no two days are ever the same. Working alongside some of the most talented professionals, you’ll learn to understand corporate language, assess business processes, systems, controls and reports. This enables organisations across every sector to be transparent about what they do, build stronger systems of quality control, increase their capability to manage risk and, most crucially, grow the confidence of the public.


What’s in it for me? 

This is more than a world-class training scheme that includes a professional qualification, it’s also a permanent job that allows you to bypass university and earn while you learn. You’ll receive a market-leading salary, benefits and endless opportunities driven by our shared sense of purpose:

  • We challenge and we rise to the challenge: We want our people to achieve their potential and are committed to making that happen.  We offer you a world-class training scheme, the opportunity to obtain an internationally renowned professional qualification and ongoing investment in your development.
  • We include everyone: We are a diverse group of people of the highest calibre and our inclusive culture means everyone’s voice is heard.  You ‘ll learn from them every day, work in a friendly and supportive team environment, make friends for life, and develop a broad professional network that will serve you well, no matter where your career takes you.
  • We do the right thing: We believe our people are at their best when they connect their work to a greater cause.  At Deloitte, you’ll find a place where you can be your true self, thrive professionally and personally, and make a shared impact that reaches further and means more.


How will I develop? 

Soft skills

To support you, we invest heavily in both your technical skills and soft skills (e.g. communication skills, ability to challenge, decision-making, resilience, project management and leadership skills). These will help you to become a successful business professional and allow you to navigate different situations that you’ll encounter during your career.


As part of your BrightStart opportunity, you’ll be studying towards either the ACA or CA qualification with either ICAEW or ICAS depending on which country you’re located within. Both qualifications are globally recognised and are designed to expand your knowledge of a wide range of technical topic areas. They’ll help you confidently perform work on your client projects and initiatives, and develop professionally throughout your training agreement.

Whilst professional exams can be challenging, and will require a commitment to pass from you, we in turn commit to providing you with the right support network to help you succeed. You will be given funded top-quality tuition, with a mix of classroom and self-managed learning sessions, a dedicated early careers coach, a People Leader and access to support from our professional education team.


Our commitment to you

We work hard to create an environment where you can experience a purpose you believe in, the freedom to be you, and the capacity to go further than ever before.

We want you. The true you. Your own strengths, perspective and personality. We’re nurturing a culture where everyone belongs, feels supported and heard, and is empowered to make a valuable, personal contribution. You can be sure we’ll take your wellbeing seriously, too. Because it’s only when you’re comfortable and at your best that you can make the kind of impact you, and we, live for.

Your expertise is our capability, so we’ll make sure it never stops growing. Whether it’s from the complex work you do, or the people you collaborate with, you’ll learn every day. Through world-class development, you’ll gain invaluable technical and personal skills. Whatever your level, you’ll learn how to lead. 


Application Deadline

Applications for our BrightStart Apprenticeship Programme will close on a rolling basis when we have enough applications. We therefore advise that you apply as soon as possible so that you don’t miss out on securing a role. 



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