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CBS Omagh has been recognised for excellence in Digital Learning, having recently received the Highest Accolade in Digital Awards . As one of only four Irish ‘Microsoft Showcase Schools’, their six certified ‘Innovative Educator Experts’ are qualified to train others in online learning and classroom use of digital technology. Microsoft cites the school’s part within a “global community of schools engaged in innovative change to improve teaching and learning, via Office 365, utilising Surface devices”.

The Brothers have also been formally certified as a Digital School. This Department of Education promoted award celebrates schools which incorporate digital technologies within five areas: Leadership, Learning, Culture, Professional Development and Infrastructure; the school achieving full marks across each of the 35 areas assessed.

Principal Foncy McConnell enthused, ‘We encourage digital innovation in school, supported by Christopher Eccles and Kyra Crawford (System Administrators) Donna Vaughan (C2K) and our Board of Governors. We take our lead from the excellence within our ICT department, led by Mrs Sinead McLaughlin and the ongoing eLearning initiatives of V.P. Mr Noel Donnelly and Mr Jim Murray. Our Microsoft Showcase School and Digital School awards reflect widespread progressive practice, exemplified in the Microsoft Expert Certifications achieved by Mrs Darcy (RE), Mr Moriarty (Sport), Mr Hoban (ICT) and Mrs Doherty (Technology and STEM).’

CBS Digital Schools 

Photo caption: Una Doherty, Mike Hoban, Finnian Moriarty, Sinead McLaughlin, Sonya Darcy, Foncy McConnell, Donna Vaughan, Jim Murray, Noel Donnelly.

Front Row: Christopher Eccles, Lorcan McBride

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