Medic Mentor 2-340

Saturday 3rd June (10:30am – 2pm).

Students can register for free here:

Registration will begin at 10:30am and the conference will run from 11am – 2pm.

Revising from the wrong UCAT question bank can negatively impact a candidate’s score. At the conference, Dr Hannah Orme will show students where and how to access the best UCAT revision resources, hand selected by doctors and UCAT experts.

Dr Hannah will also provide a comprehensive guide to the UCAT exam, including:

– Introduction to UCAT
– Different sections of UCAT
– Example questions and how to answer them
– Common mistakes and pitfalls
– Ways of improving/practising speed reading and decision making elements
– When to book in your UCAT exams

Now is the perfect time for students to understand UCAT and the best methods of preparation. These conferences will not be recorded so please make sure students attend these vital sessions.

These conferences are aimed at reducing the anxiety around the UCAT, guiding students on the best way to practise and record their success prior to exam day. Dr Hannah will provide her insider expertise as to how to succeed without burning out.

UCAT thresholds are higher than ever this year with some threshold increases of over 100 points, so now more than ever students will need to focus on these increasingly important exams.

Gap year applicants are also welcome to attend the conference for tips on how to improve their score.

Students must be accompanied by a parent/guardian throughout the conference. One registration = a space for a student + their parent/guardian. There is no need to book twice.