FREE WEBINAR 19th October! Study Medicine/Dentistry Abroad!

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Join Medlink Students for a FREE Webinar: Study Medicine & Dentistry in English Abroad


Studying medicine or dentistry abroad has become more popular than ever before. Find out the reason by joining Medlink Students’ free webinar on overseas pathways.

As the competition intensifies in the UK, securing your place at top universities abroad has never been more promising.


🌟 Recognised universities with Medicine & Dentistry courses

🌟 Lower admission requirements, tuition fees, and living costs

🌟 Global job prospects in the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, and Australia with your degree


In this webinar, you will gain essential insights in:

💎 The advantages of studying abroad

💎 Why 1000s of UK students are flocking to study in Europe

💎 Live Q&A session with current students, overseas-trained graduate doctors, and university representatives.


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