Gala Reunion Celebrates Legacy and Future


On April 12th, the Christian Brothers’ Omagh Gala Reunion was a resplendent affair, shining a spotlight on the enduring legacy and promising future of this esteemed educational institution. Within West Tyrone, the school has long served as a beacon of learning, and the gala was a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence and the provision of outstanding opportunities for its students.

Held at the elegant Armagh City Hotel, the event transcended mere gathering—it was a grand celebration of Omagh CBS’s storied history with Master of Ceremonies Mr Raymond Monteith welcoming many insights and interviews throughout the night. Former Vice Principal Seamus Woods delivered a poignant speech, casting light on the pivotal role played by the Christian Brothers in shaping the educational landscape of West Tyrone. His words painted a vivid picture of the past where secondary level education was only provided by the Christian Brothers, while pointing toward a future where the school remains a cornerstone of character-building and enthusiasm in learning.

MC Raymond Monteith interviews former Headmaster Mr Roddy Tierney

GAA President Jarlath Burns echoed this sentiment in his stirring address. He eloquently emphasized that Omagh CBS goes beyond academic prowess, nurturing holistic development in its students. The challenges and opportunities in their years ahead find their preparation within these hallowed walls. Notably, the launch of Cairde na mBráithe—the alumni association—marked a significant milestone. This association promises to fortify the school’s extracurricular and cultural offerings, ensuring that the Christian Brothers’ legacy thrives with renewed vigour and purpose. He noted not only the skill of the recent back to back Hogan Cup successes but how each player, when interviewed, showed a maturity and a composure which reflected well of the values instilled in them within their homes and parish clubs. They reflected the expectations of students to seize the opportunities given to them at the Christian Brothers’ Grammar School, to develop their talents and to look to challenge themselves to become better and meet adversity with confidence.

GAA President Jarlath Burns

The reunion gala wove a tapestry of memories, each thread representing shared experiences and triumphs. Past and present converged seamlessly, with The Rockits’ music setting a lively and entertaining tone. Principal Foncy McConnell’s words resonated deeply, emphasizing the opportunity for attendees to reconnect and celebrate the collective achievements of the Brothers. The rich heritage of the school unfolded before our eyes—the captivating dramatic and musical productions, the volunteering and historical adventures abroad, the exhilarating sporting victories—all echoing the dedication of inspirational figures like Terry McGurk in sport and Maria McGurk in drama, the pioneering first lay Principal Roddy Tierney, and past staff members such as Michael Woods, who contributed to the evolution of Saine Magazine, and Paddy McMahon, who embodied the school’s spirit as a pupil, parent, and Governor.

Members of the Victorious 73-74 MacRory Cup Teams

As attendees reminisced about excursions that broadened horizons—from Washington to Normandy, from London to Bolivia—they also acknowledged the diverse array of extracurricular activities that define the Omagh CBS experience. The evening encapsulated the school’s ethos: valuing the journey of learning as much as the destination. The indelible impact of the Christian Brothers on generations of students was palpable—a legacy celebrated that night and poised to continue through the support of freshly launched alumni association, Cairde na mBráithe. With renewed purpose, Omagh CBS students will undoubtedly continue to excel and leave their mark on the world, while its Past Pupils will no doubt look forward to the next convening of  the Cairde na mBráithe alumni prior to the school’s departure of the Kevlin Road site as they migrate to the new Christian Brothers’ Grammar School within the Strule Shared Education Campus in 2028.

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