Generation Innovation Work Experience Programme 2024

Generation Innovation Work Experience-340

Generation Innovation is a one-of-a-kind work experience programme designed to empower, enable, and upskill young people for the workplace of tomorrow. With its foundations grounded in the principles of Design Thinking, Generation Innovation is a programme that gives young people a real-world working experience with some of the most innovative companies making a dent in the universe.

This programme is for all 17-18-year-olds interested in accelerating their career development, gaining awareness of the skills needed for tomorrow’s world, and building an innovation mindset through Design Thinking training.

During the programme, students will be paired with innovative employers, such as Coca-Cola, FinTru or EY, and will learn how to work as part of a new team. Their skills will be put to the test to solve a real-life company challenge, developing a solution before pitching it to the partner company and fellow peers.

Who is it for?                                      Anyone aged 17-18

How much will it cost?                      Nothing! It’s free to attend!

When can I apply?                             Tuesday 13th February

When is the last day to apply?        Tuesday 19th March

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