Gold Apprentice Engineer – CDE Global Ltd.

CDE Global-340

Job Purpose
Working with a hands-on approach, you will get to undertake an apprenticeship as a mechanical engineering, leading to a nationally recognised qualification and accreditation. Completion of this course will lead to a nationally recognised qualification and accreditation.
Please note, this job description is not exhaustive as other duties may be required to fulfil the requirements of the role.
• Gain hands on operational experience by assisting our Engineers on CDE projects in our factory.
• Carry out other reasonable requests made by the line manager to support departmental or company objectives.
• Read and understand drawings and instructions and follow these drawings to
assembly or design our projects.
• Ensure all equipment is properly set-up and used in a safe manner and that all safety devices are in use.
• Follow a sequence or step –by-step process to assembly our CDE Electrical components.
• Learn to safely and effectively operate our hand tools to complete projects effectively.
• Learn to track and identify parts and ensure all parts are accounted for.
• Learn to assist Projects with the gathering and packing of parts for customer sites.
• Work as a team to find, present faults and concerns in assembly of projects.
• To learn and develop fitting and assembly skills including the use of hand tools and marking out.
• To carry out all work and activities in a safe and responsible manner, paying particular attention to standards of cleanliness and tidiness.


* Closing Date:  Tue 28 February 2023 – 00:00