Green Skills 2021 – SSE Wind Turbines session

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Duration: 1 Day  2nd June 2021

Application Closing Date: 2nd May 2021


As a COP26 sponsor we are delighted to invite you to this STEM session covering Wind Turbines

Session Aims and Objectives


In this workshop, you will gain knowledge of the various sources of renewable energy used and why investment in renewable energy is important. You will delve deeper into the topic of wind generation, understanding the mechanics and environmental factors of a wind turbine. You will then use this knowledge in a scenario-based learning exercise where you will be asked to use your knowledge of wind generation to convince a local town to vote in favour of a new wind farm.


Learning Outcomes

1. To understand how and why the UK is moving towards renewable energy sources and the different methods of renewable generation.

2. To understand the mechanics of how a wind turbine generates electricity and in what environments wind turbines work most effectively.

3. To appreciate the benefits of wind generation.

4. To develop an argument in favour of wind farm development

Session will run from 10am until 12.30.



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