How to be your own boss! Cumbria & Northern Ireland Entrepreneurship Insight Day

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Duration: 1 Day  17 June 2021

Application Closing Date: 21 May 2021

Ever dreamed of starting your own business, being self-employed or want to understand what is meant by `going freelance`? At The Entrepreneurs Group, we help train, support and inspire the next generation of business owners, leaders & entrepreneurs. Through different programs, such as TEGVirtual and TEGkickstart, we can give those dreaming of starting a business the information & support they require to get started

Would you like to meet others who have successfully set up businesses? Do you have questions about how they started, how they got their ideas and how successful they are?

Join us, alongside a range of local business owners, including the amazing Kyle Gawley, creator of Gravity & Hackr, to explore the answers.

Throughout the day you will meet other young people who have set up their own business, gain an insight into different organisations, how they work and what they do, as well as being able to work on a collaborative project.

The world of work is exciting. Opportunities in Cumbria & Northern Ireland are endless although can at times seem overwhelming. Throughout the day you will have the opportunity to learn about key principles, such as validation, marketing and brand awareness, and put what you learned into practice

Speakers for Schools Experience Programme have a large selection of virtual work experience currently available. Many of these are with UK companies and pupils from NI are eligible to apply.

Pupils must first register at to avail of these opportunities.

Please note that all applications are not guaranteed to be successful due to the large number of applicants for each experience.

*Please note that pupils should not apply to this or any other virtual work experience unless they are fully committed to attending