Insight Day into Biological Sciences with Hart Biologicals

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Duration: 1 day  24th June 2021

Application Closing Date: 20th May 2021


Spend an action-packed day with the team at Hart Biologicals!

If you are 14+ years old and interested in finding out more about a career in the medical-scientific field come and join us for a fun filled day.

Hart Biologicals is an In Vitro Diagnostic Company specialising in blood clotting.

Would you like to speak to Scientists at Hart Biologicals and find out what they do in their day-to-day job, as well as explore what other roles are available within the company?

We will give you the guidance and tools for you to be able to improve your knowledge of the industry and the fantastic opportunities that are available within it.

Here at Hart Biologicals, we love to support students and offer work experience so we have made the virtual insight day as exciting and interactive as possible.

Points to consider:

Students will be performing an experiment at home using milk, vinegar, and red food colouring. This is a simple yet insightful experiment that can be done from your own home to go alongside the theory of blood clotting. The experiment is not essential to the day so if you do not have access to these three materials do not worry, a video will also be shown of this.

Students will need to be able to access the virtual event online 10:00 – 15:00.

At the end of the virtual event, you will receive:

· Certificate of completion for the virtual work experience.

· Something interesting to talk about in your personal statement and/ or interviews.

Disclaimer: Videos will be shown with human blood/ blood products used.

To learn more about Hart Biologicals and what we do, visit our website:



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