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This week we are unveiling the reproduction of our school crest. The crest identified below is a development which brings the original crest, also pictured, into the 21st century.

While the crest retains most of the original design elements, which is important to emphasise our commitment to safeguarding the ethos of the Christian Brothers for the future, maintaining our historical values and sense of shared community, adding the colour aspects makes the logo more digital friendly.

School Principal Mr F McConnell explains that ‘The Christian Brothers’ Crest, universal to all Christian Brothers Schools, has now been ‘personalised’ to reflect our Christian Brothers’ School, established in Omagh in 1861. The Brothers’ Crest reflects the values and traditions of Blessed Edmund Rice. The Christian Brothers’ motto is ‘Facere et Docere’, meaning “to do and to teach” reflects an ethos in development beyond the classroom. We recognise our place and responsibility within the local community and commit to the development of young men academically, spiritually and morally; imbuing within them a strong sense of community engagement, social conscience and volunteerism. The many aspects of our CBS crest affirm for children, parents and the local community alike, our school’s continued commitment to the promotion of the ethos of the Blessed Edmund Rice.

The Christian Brothers’ Crest – What does it mean?

CELTIC DESIGN The Christian Brothers Congregation was founded in Ireland in 1802, hence the whole design in the cross, the tracery, the lettering, in conception and execution, is characteristically Celtic and symbolic of our Irish origins.

THE STAR in the crest is a reminder that “Those who instruct many to justice shall shine like stars for all eternity. (Daniel:12:13). The star is the symbol of enlightenment and instruction. The star is set upon a cross

THE CROSS is a symbol of Christ, for the Brother is concerned with the spreading of Christ’s Kingdom on Earth.

THE CIRCLE around the cross is a symbol of eternity and of the eternal values to which a Brother is committed.

THE BOOK is a symbol of learning which the Brothers impart to the young. The two Greek letters, Alpha and Omega, remind us that God is our first beginning and last end, that all knowledge begins and ends with him.

THE MOTTO: “FACERE ET DOCERE”, “to do and to teach” reminds the Brothers that they must live out the Gospel which they preach; they must be “doers” of God’s message as well as Bearers, they must lead others by their own example.

1861: The year that the Christian Brothers’ School was opened in Omagh, located in the building that is currently the Pastoral Centre.

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