MacRory Cup Sponsors

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As a school would like to express our sincere gratitude to the sponsors of our MacRory Cup squad for the 2023/4 campaign.

With increased running costs and reduced school budgets the support from these local businesses ensures we can prepare our squad in the best possible way.

PD Coaches

We would like to thank our main sponsor Peter Donnelly of PD Coaches for his continued support of our school teams.

PD Coaches are a local family run transport business with experience in all areas of transport operations. Situated in: Sixmilecross, Omagh, Co. Tyrone, we pride ourselves on our reliable, professional service which we believe provides our customers with outstanding value for money at competitive rates.

Daly Performance Zone 

Thank you to Clara Daly, owner of Daly Performance Zone 

Thanks to owner Clara Daly offers Level 3 Sport Massage Therapy and a range of other treatments to enhance not only your sporting performance but also your day to day mobility. 

Thanks to Gerard Keyes owner of  specialise in robot mowers for all sizes of lawns & sports pitches. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a sports club looking to save time & money on grass cutting, we have something extraordinary to offer you.

The Robot mower advantage:

Precision & Consistency: Our robot mowers are equipped with cutting-edge technology, ensuring a precise and consistent cut every time

Time & Labour Savings: Imagine reclaiming your weekends & evenings!. Our robot mowers work tirelessly, giving you the gift of time to focus on what matters most to you.

Smart & Autonomous Operation: Embrace the future of lawn & pitch care with the smart features of our robot mowers. They can navigate obstacles, adapt to changes in terrain, and even return to their charging stations autonomously. It’s grass cutting on autopilot.

MPG Wind Services LTD

Thanks to Eamon Martin, owner MPG Wind Services LTD

MPG Wind Services LTD specialise in service maintenance and management of wind assets. They offer individual site development, reconditioned turbine trading and project and asset management.

Tyrone Attic Stairs

Thanks to Kevin McCrystal, owner of Tyrone Attic Stairs

Tyrone Attic Stairs – the number one loft ladder installers who supply and fit attic stairs, attic flooring and lighting throughout the whole of the UK and Ireland. From they arrive at your property to completion they will have new attic stairs installed usually within ninety minutes.


Thanks to Kieran McMullen owner of MAC AV

We are very grateful to Kieran and his team from MAC AV for recording all the MacRory Cup games for the 2023-2024 season.

McCullaghs Centra, Campsie

Thanks to Niall McCullagh, owner of McCullaghs Centra, Campsie.   Callum Daly, captain of the MacRory Cup team is delighted to accepting a cheque from Niall McCullagh to cover the costs of recovery drinks for the players for their games in 2023-2024.

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