Marketing Virtual Work Experience Opportunity

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Duration: 1 Day   18th May 2021

Application Closing Date: 3rd May 2021


We are looking for young people to work in teams to design a marketing campaign encouraging teenagers not to leave old mobile phones in drawers, but to get them recycled.

What does the day involve?

  • You will learn about human behaviour, social media strategy and the importance of recycling old electronics
  • You will work in mixed teams in virtual meeting rooms and be asked to create joint work to a deadline
  • There will be sessions from sector experts throughout the day to help you plan your campaign
  • The day will end in a `Dragons Den` style event in which each team will present their ideas to the Directors of the business.
  • Timings of the day are 9.30am-3pm, with plenty of breaks and an hour for lunch.


Key skills/requirements:

  • Team worker
  • Good communication skills
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Ability to work independently and in a group
  • Ability to work from on a laptop or tablet with working microphone



Speakers for Schools Experience Programme have a large selection of virtual work experience currently available. Many of these are with UK companies and pupils from NI are eligible to apply.

Pupils must first register at to avail of these opportunities.

Please note that all applications are not guaranteed to be successful due to the large number of applicants for each experience.

Please note that pupils should not apply to this or any other virtual work experience unless they are fully committed to attending