Medic Mentor: Get Into Medicine Conference

Medic Mentor 2-340

We are pleased to inform you that registration for the national free UCAS conferences for students interested in becoming doctors has opened. Students will be awarded a certificate of attendance which can be listed on their Medical School UCAS applications for ‘activities that support higher education’. The events have marked a valuable turning point for students and are open to students from any school and background in 11-14 year groups.


Upcoming Dates:
Saturday 7th October
Sunday 8th October
Saturday 28th October
Sunday 29th October



The Get into Medicine UCAS Conference is a comprehensive guide to the medical application process. The doctors and medical students will cover:

– Application Timelines
– How to Tactically Choose Medical Schools
– CV Building
– Personal Statements
– Medical School Interviews
-UCAT – Entrance Exams to Medical School
– Medical Leadership and Awards Programmes
– Accessing Work Experience
– Accessing Scholarships


We strongly encourage all students to make the most out of this free opportunity that has helped thousands of students secure medical school places since it launched:


Here’s how the day will run:


9:30-10.00 Registration
10.00-11:00 Quick introduction to Medic Mentor, overview of the day, competition ratios, application timeline, Awards and Scholarships
11:00-11:15 Break
11.15-11.45 Introduction to the UCAS application form and entry requirements
11.45-12.15 Interactive CV building exercise and exclusive access to leadership, research, presentation, publication, prizes and scholarship opportunities
12.15-12.30 Top tips form a successful applicant (medical student)
12:30-12:45 Break
12.45-13.30 How to write the perfect personal statement
13.30-13.45 Break
13.45-14.10 Entrance exams – how to do ace the UCAT
14.10-14.30 How to prepare for Medical School interviews
14.30-15.00 Top tips form a successful applicant (medical student) and next steps



One booking = one booking for a student + their parent/guardian.

Getting into medicine may seem impossible to many students, but we’re here to break down the entire process into actionable steps.

Conference Registration Form: