Medic Mentor – Medical, dental, and vet scholarship opportunity

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As a testament to the calibre of applying and current students we work with from all backgrounds, we are moving to make our scholarship programme more accessible than ever. Through this programme, students will be entitled to awards up to £12,000 over the course of their degree through involvement in a wide variety of unique opportunities working alongside their student peers.


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These opportunities include the chance to present at national conferences and societies for the different clinical professions, network with other students from around the country, and work closely with active professionals in their field. You may be familiar with some of our widening access opportunities such as the Medical Leadership Programme and the Mentor Magazine, planned by our scholars with support from professionals and delivered to thousands of applying students each year. The personal and professional development we see our scholars achieve cannot be overstated, with our ongoing mission being to create tomorrow’s medical, dental and veterinary leaders.


The first year of any clinical degree can prove to be the hardest, with high drop-out rates and a struggle to balance academic achievement alongside the myriad of changes associated with starting university. As such, beyond the financial and professional benefits of becoming a Medic Mentor scholar, our current students speak of the value that they place on the pastoral mentoring aspect of the programme. Every scholar has access to multiple professionals in their field throughout their time in the programme. Having that support from somebody outside of their institution who has been through the process before has proven the greatest benefit for many of our first-year scholars.


Applications for the scholarship will be opening soon after results day and we hope that students riding the wave of success after their offers are confirmed will go on to grasp this opportunity with both hands.