Medic Mentor – Medical Leadership Programme

Medic Mentor 2-340

Compound Extracurricular Activities!


Beyond just ticking boxes, engaging in a variety of extracurriculars showcases your diverse skills and passions. Whether it’s volunteering, research, leadership roles, or community involvement, these compound activities paint a vibrant picture of your character and commitment.


Here’s why it matters:

  • Versatility: Medical schools seek well-rounded individuals. A mix of activities demonstrates your ability to balance responsibilities and thrive in diverse environments.


  • Leadership Skills: Taking on leadership roles showcases your initiative and capacity to guide others, a crucial skill for future doctors.


  • Adaptability: Medicine is dynamic. Involvement in different activities highlights your adaptability and readiness for the challenges of a medical career.


  • Passion for Service: Medicine is a service-oriented profession. Volunteering and community service reflect your genuine commitment to making a positive impact.


  • Networking Opportunities: Engaging in various activities exposes you to different networks, broadening your perspectives and potential mentors.



One compound activity you can join is the Medical Leadership Programme, where you’ll:

  • Develop Essential Leadership Skills


  • Explore Research and Wider Reading Topics


  • Gain Valuable Experience Setting You Apart in Your Medical or Dental School Applications



This is a unique opportunity to get involved with the only National Medical Leadership Programme in the UK! Applications are now open for doctors and dentists.



Don’t miss the deadline – Apply by Friday, October 20th!


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