Medic Mentor – New Medical and Dental Work Experience Opportunity

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The new rotation of Medic Mentor’s Virtual Work Experience (WEX) is now available! This month, students have the opportunity to delve into General Practice or Public Health & Oral Pathology, gaining invaluable insights into these specialised areas.

More details can be found here:

Crafted in collaboration with Birmingham Universities Hospitals Trust, this thoughtfully curated 6-month medical and 4-month dental programme provides a unique glimpse into the medical and dental fields. The E-learning format enables students to fulfil their placements at their own pace, covering ethics, procedures, broader team roles, and fostering direct dialogues with doctors and dentists. This virtual experience creates a strong foundation for students’ future careers, not only enhancing their UCAS applications but also strategically preparing them for practical work experience opportunities.

This programme has supported over 30,000 secondary school students to obtain free work experiences last year. Virtual work experiences have been accepted by the Medical Schools and Dental Schools Council as valuable alternatives to in-person shadowing, backed by the Health Education England Discovery report on the impact of virtual work placements.

Taking part in the Virtual Work Experience will provide:

Comprehensive Insights: The programme covers a range of specialities, providing a holistic understanding of medical and dental practices. Each month, a new focus area is introduced, allowing participants to delve into different aspects of the field.

Flexible Participation: Tailored for students from years 10-13/S3-S6/NI10-14, the programme accommodates various schedules by being virtual. Participants have one month to complete each specialty, ensuring flexibility and ease of participation.

Recognised Certification: Upon successful completion of all specialities, students will receive a certificate from Medic Mentor and UHB, validating their active participation to include in their UCAS and apprenticeships applications.

Registering for these programmes is simple—students just need to complete the free online application form:

Plus, upon completion of all 6 medical or 4 dental work experience sessions, students will receive a ‘Highly Commended’ reference certificate, something that students can proudly showcase on their UCAS applications.