Medic Mentor: NEW NHS Work Experience Sessions

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The Medical Schools Council acknowledges virtual work experience as a valuable option to traditional, in-person shadowing. We are pleased to offer a variety of medical specialties, with a focus this month on palliative care. This enables students to gain a well-rounded perspective of working within the NHS. I encourage any students aged 14 and over who are interested in medicine to participate in our National NHS Work Experience programmes.


Our virtual work experiences provide your students with valuable insights and opportunities that may be otherwise difficult to access. Developed in collaboration with Birmingham Universities Hospitals Trust, this Virtual Work Experience has proven to be transformative for thousands of secondary school students over the past year. It goes beyond being just an alternative to in-person shadowing; it is a vital step in preparing students for their upcoming physical placements.

We’ve designed a 6-month medical e-learning work experience programme, focusing on one specialty each month, allowing students to set their own pace of learning. From structured teaching to direct interaction with doctors and healthcare professionals, our programme ensures students not only observe procedures but also gain a broader understanding of roles within the medical field.

Covering everything from ethics to procedures and broader team roles, our virtual work experience provides a crucial overview of their desired career paths and the skills that medical professionals are looking for, thereby enhancing their UCAS applications.


Signing up is easy – students simply need to fill out the free online application form: