Medical reapplication drop-in for year 14s

Medic Mentor 2-340

From 8pm-9pm this evening, Medic Mentor are running a free drop-in session for students who are considering reapplying to medicine. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to ask any questions they have about reapplying and feel supported in a community of reapplicants and doctors.


Please feel free to find out more here:

Year 14 students will just need to click the link below to join at 8pm this evening. Safeguarders will be operating throughout the webinar.


If students cannot make it this evening, they are welcome to sign up for the next free virtual Reapplication to Medicine conference on Monday 1st May (10am-3:30pm) here:


At this conference, I will cover the wide range of options available to reapplicants, including:

– Accessing and following university feedback
– The Republic of Ireland Applications and HPAT
– UCAS Extra and UCAS Clearing
– Applying to study medicine in Europe
– Taking a gap year and reapplying through UCAS


I personally know many incredible doctors that didn’t get into medicine the first time. Building that confidence again is often about accessing the right information.
Reapplication Conference sign up link: