NextGen Nurse – Meet the people behind the masks

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Duration: 1 Day    14th May 2021

Application Closing Date: 22nd April 2021


Find out about a career where you can make a difference, work in different roles around the world with a competitive starting salary and earning potential and a huge choice and opportunity for personal and professional growth.

We are the NHS, and we help save and improve people’s lives. We are needed now more than ever.

We have many different roles in nursing, and we want to show you what a career in nursing can offer and introduce you to the faces behind the masks.

Come and meet us.

There are lots of different skills suited to the variety of roles within nursing; from science, technology and innovation to leadership, management and collaboration.

It’s exciting, rewarding and, yes, it’s challenging. But it’s a career that lets you make a real difference to people’s lives.

Join us for a Virtual Insight Day to hear from nurses working across a range of disciplines, find out more about the profession, the key skills needed and how you can start to develop them.

If you haven’t considered nursing before, you might be surprised.

Placement Notes

NHS is hosting a series of insight days and a week-long virtual work experience to help you find out about the different roles and opportunities within nursing. The opportunities are ideal if you haven’t considered a career in nursing before and are keen to find out a little more, if you are undecided on what you want to do after school/college, and if you already feel that nursing would be a great career and want to find out a little more. You’ll hear directly from active nurses, some of whom are still in training or newly qualified, from across the varied disciplines of nursing, the variety of roles, the skills and qualifications we look for, what the training is like and what you’ll learn along the way. The day runs from 10-2.30 (with a break for lunch around 12) and will give you the opportunity to find out about a career in nursing and the four fields of nursing, routes into nursing and also hear directly from nurses. We’ll look at the impact from Covid, the diversity of places nurses work and roles they undertake, and the variety of skills and characteristics that are suited to a career in nursing. There will be an opportunity to ask questions, about the profession and about what it’s like to be a nurse, and interactive tasks throughout the day. At the end of the day you should know if you want to find out more about nursing, and how. Find out more about a career in nursing here – 


Speakers for Schools Experience Programme have a large selection of virtual work experience currently available. Many of these are with UK companies and pupils from NI are eligible to apply.

Pupils must first register at to avail of these opportunities.

Please note that all applications are not guaranteed to be successful due to the large number of applicants for each experience.

*Please note that pupils should not apply to this or any other virtual work experience unless they are fully committed to attending