NHS Allied Work Experience session on Sunday 3rd April

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Students who wish to participate in the NHS Allied Work Experience session on Sunday 3rd April have until Friday 1st April to register.

The programme is available for year groups 11-13 in Northern Ireland.

Students can register via this link:

All students will be awarded a Work Experience Certificate for participating in the day – a great addition to their UCAS and Apprenticeship Applications.

The Work Experience day on Sunday 3rd April will cover the following healthcare careers:

– Nursing
– Midwifery
– Paramedicine
– Physiotherapy
– Occupational Therapy
– Dietetics
– Radiography
– Prosthetics and Orthotics
– Speech and language therapy
– Pharmacy

This will take place through an online portal and run LIVE from 10am-5pm, following 2 patients from accident to recovery.

Students will see these patients interact with a variety of healthcare professionals listed above. This will help them develop an understanding of the multidisciplinary team and provide insight into their chosen careers.

Students will also have the opportunity to interact with the healthcare professionals via a LIVE Chat and polls throughout the day!

The cost to attend is £10/student per session. This is an administrative cost to cover the set-up of individual portals, personalised certificates, safeguarding, and technology on the day.


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