NI Civil Service: Civil Engineering Apprentice Opportunity

NI Civil Service-340

DEPARTMENT: Northern Ireland Civil Service


SALARY: £22,519 – £23,955 (under review)


LOCATION: Throughout Northern Ireland


Completed application forms must be submitted no later than 12:00 noon (UK time) on Friday 19th May 2023.


The main areas of responsibility are:

  • Level 3 Civil Engineering Course – The post-holder is required to study in order to obtain a Level 3 qualification and work toward obtaining a professional qualification as an Engineering Technician with the ICE.
  • Siteworks – The post-holder will be expected to assist Professional and Technical staff in the management of technical works. The post-holder will assume greater responsibility as their experience develops. This work will include:

o Site surveys, including measurements and levelling;

o Quality inspections during and following completion of work;

o Ensuring works are carried out in compliance with Health and Safety procedures (including checks as required).

  • Preparation and updating of engineering drawings – The post-holder will assist in development of engineering drawings for works. This will involve the need to learn how to use various Computer Aided Design software packages.
  • Contract documentation – The post-holder will be required to learn the basics of procurement and understand the need for contract management.
  • Engineering Reports – The post-holder will be involved in learning the basics in Civil Engineering and understand the content of engineering reports, with line management support.
  • Effective Communication – The post-holder will be expected to develop good working relationships with other Apprentices, departmental colleagues and the ability to communicate with a variety of external customers, stakeholders and contractors depending on the particular post.
  • Problem Solving – The post-holder will be required to deal with issues in the course of inspecting / managing engineering projects, with line management supervision. This will include Health and Safety issues, traffic control, scheduling of works and dealing with customer complaints.
  • Decision Making – Initially the post-holder will have limited responsibility for decision making, but as their experience is developed they will start to take minor technical decisions under guidance from line management. They will need to prioritise their own work to balance it with studies and meet agreed targets.



Applicants must, by the closing date for applications:

  1. At least 5 GCSEs (Grade C and above) including a minimum of Grade B in Maths, Grade C in English (or Level 2 Essential Skills in place of GCSE English), Grade C in a Science subject (Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Double Award Science)


Equivalent qualifications may be considered, provided they are approved as an entry qualification by the Further Education Colleges listed in this document.   Relevant or equivalent qualifications: give the type of qualification and date awarded (the date awarded is the date on which you were notified of your result by the official awarding body).  If you believe your qualification is equivalent to the one required, the onus is on you to provide the panel with details of modules studied etc so that a well-informed decision can be made.


You will be required to provide documentary evidence of your qualifications at interview so please ensure you have these readily available.



In addition applicants should be aware that after an eligibility sift, should it be necessary to shortlist candidates to go forward to interview, the eligibility criteria will be enhanced and shortlisting applied in the following order:

  1. A minimum of Grade B in a relevant Science subject (Physics or Double Award Science)
  2. A minimum of Grade A in Maths. The panel will use the information provided in your application form for eligibility criterion 1 to shortlist if necessary.



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