North West Regional College – Higher Level Apprenticeship Positions

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The North West Regional College is currently recruiting to a number of Higher Level Apprenticeship positions with local hotels providing career development opportunities for school leavers within the expanding hospitality and tourism industry.


Quality On-the-Job Training: The Higher-level apprentices gain job-specific, hands-on practical training in the workplace developing skills and knowledge to excel at work building confidence and job satisfaction. Higher Level Apprenticeships are employed by the Hotel and attend College one day per week for 2.5 years.


Ulster University Foundation Degree: On successful completion of the course the Higher-Level Apprentice (HLA) will be awarded with a Foundation Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Ulster University free from university or college fees. The College has offered the Foundation Degree for over twenty years and results are excellent.  The HLA apply their learning in the workplace and in their college assessments which makes learning more meaningful and interesting.   The HLA like other students has full use of all the college facilities.


No Student Debt: higher level apprenticeships do not result in student loans and student debt.


Earning a Salary: Apprentices earn a salary while they are training, which means that they are able to gain valuable work experience and earn money at the same time.


Career Advancement: Higher level apprenticeships provide opportunities for career advancement, promotion and progression leading to more senior roles, additional job opportunities and higher salaries.


Increased Employability: Higher level apprenticeships make young people more employable as they provide a combination of practical experience and academic qualifications. This makes them attractive to a range of employers who are looking for individuals with a range of skills and experience.

As a higher-level apprentice in Hospitality and Tourism, there are various job roles that may be undertaken as a trainee manager, depending on business need. Some examples of job roles that may be available include:

  • Events: helping to organise and run events such as weddings, conferences, or business events.
  • Hotel Reception: dealing with hotel bookings and meeting and greeting guests.
  • Food and Beverage Management: new higher-level apprentice will gain experience in all areas of running the business so may be asked to provide support in the running of the operations of a restaurant, cafe, or bar service.
  • Concierge Services: planning and organising tours for groups of people including arranging transport, and activities, as well as coordinating with local guides.
  • Client Services: advising clients on travel options, making reservations, and providing information about destinations, attractions, and events.


The industry is diverse and offers a range of career opportunities, so there are many other roles that an apprentice may be able to undertake depending on the apprentices’ interests and experience.