Nuffield Research Placements

Nuffield Research placement

Nuffield Research Placements give young people from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to gain STEM skills and confidence by undertaking active research projects in their summer holidays.

The Nuffield Foundation has developed this flagship programme over the last 24 years, and an independent evaluation has shown a range of benefits for students including improved access to university courses in STEM subjects.

The program will run in situ, blended or online. It will provide the students with a very important research experience to acquire high level skills and help to inform career decisions. Additionally, the students will achieve a prestigious certificate upon completing the program that will be very distinguished on their UCAS application.


Who is available to apply?

  1. Year 13 students that are doing AS level subjects or equivalent BTEC.
  2. The projects are available in a wide range of subjects from STEM to Social sciences and IT.
  3. There is one pathway that is means – tested and pays the student a bursary.
  4. There is another pathway which is not means – tested and is open to all students.


How to apply?

  1. Means – tested pathway application is by online application from Monday 9th November using the following link;

  1. The non means tested pathway open to all students and will be through an online application in the Sentinus website;

This application is not live yet but it will be open from Monday 16th November.