Politics Virtual Work Experience


Kickstart your career in politics today. Gain the skills and insight you’ll need by completing our virtual work experience programme. Get a clear understanding of what working in the industry will actually look like, complete real work and assignments and interact with industry professionals during live webinar sessions. Upon completion you will receive a certificate to add to your CV and/or personal statement.

What’s you’ll cover:

The politics industry is one of the most important fields in the world, where decisions are made that govern how we live. It’s a fascinating industry that can open a lot of doors and lead to becoming a political advisor or running for parliament, but also roles in other areas including business and public affairs. That’s why this virtual work experience programme will leave no stone unturned. From discovering more about how to begin your career in politics to understanding more about what’s required to progress to senior positions, you’ll learn a whole range of crucial topics and skills that you’ll need for your career.

This programme will feature guest speakers from the following organisations:

  • UK Parliament
  • House of Commons
  • BBC Parliament


  • This programme is free for students
  • You’ll meet professionals in live workshops and be able to ask them questions.
  • You’ll complete activities and work assignments to develop skills and knowledge.
  • If you miss a workshop then you can still catch up by watching a recording.

The programme will take place between 6th and 16th April 2021. The deadline for applications is March 29th 2021 and applicants will hear if they have a place on the programme on the evening of March 31st 2021.

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