Predict 21. Insight Day – Future Careers in Engineering

Sir Robert McAlpine Engineering-340

Duration: 1 Day   25th June 2021   10am – 2.30pm

Application Closing Date: 21st May 2021


During this Insight Day you will find out about engineering and how much it affects our everyday life.

In the morning session we shall have plenty of interaction where you can get involved and ask questions. Some of our brilliant engineers will tell you want they do and along the way you will discover how varied and interesting their engineering careers have been. You will also be amazed at how much technology is used now and we shall explore what innovations are coming.

In the afternoon session we shall do some work together and think about how the climate is changing, how this will affect engineering and how technology can help. Together we shall make some predictions and share ideas. Finally, we can explore career pathways and give you plenty of hints and tips on where to look for information on career choices (not just engineering) and how to make the best of future opportunities.



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