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Message from Queen’s University Belfast for Year 13 Maths and Physics students


Dear All,

We write to let you know about a ‘work experience’ opportunity coming up in the next few days in Physics at Queen’s University Belfast.  The original programme that we planned had to be cancelled, but we have come up with a new ‘lockdown’ version:

‘Experience Physics From Home’


The aim of this event is to give you the opportunity to find out a bit more about Physics beyond school level.

We aim to include

* Interviews with Physics graduates

* Talk about current research in Physics

* Activities to do from home… we plan for everyone to do an experiment on forces between molecules using equipment that everyone will have at home.. full instructions will be provided and one-to-one help will be available online.

* Information about studying Physics.


Note that this will be an *interactive* programme and we will be contacting you individually to see how the experiments from home are going.  We also encourage people to work together – so if you have friends who would also be interested then do sign up together and let us know so that we can put you on the same day.


How will it work?

With everyone working from home we will need to be in contact with you through Zoom video conferencing and by email. We also plan to use Slack. Note that Zoom and Slack are free and you should be able to download them onto a computer and/or onto your phone. We will send further details to everybody who signs up about this later. We are currently looking at the best tools to use – our aim is that it will be possible to join the event using a computer or a phone connected to the internet – at the moment Zoom and Slack look most promising – full details will be sent by email.

This programme is for pupils who were taking AS level Physics and Maths this year and who are at least considering taking A2 Physics and Maths next year

Experience Physics From Home will be available on 2nd July, 6th July, 7th July, 8th July, 9th July The programme will be the same on each day. – The days will start at 11 am and we anticipate they will finish between 4 and 5 pm.


To sign up please go to



Please let us know all the dates that you will be available for when you sign up As noted above, please let us know if you have friends who you would like to work with so that we can put you on the same day Finally, please sign up as soon as possible as we have a limited number of places to offer for this programme


Best wishes, Tom Field and Satya Kar,

Centre for Plasma Physics, School of Maths and Physics, Queen’s University Belfast