QUB – School of Dentistry Open Day Information

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Queen’s University has informed us that their normal Year 14 event in September cannot go ahead in its usual form. They have, in its place, combined it with the QUB University Virtual Undergraduate Open Days on 10 – 12 September.

This event will allow you to view a presentation regarding the dental course, watch a clinical skills practical class and avail of a live chat function with a member of the teaching staff at the School of Dentistry, QUB.

A link is provided to the event below and students should register on the portal. Once registered, students will be able to join any of the advertised events.



Moving forward, QUB anticipate a live event in June for current Year 13 school students. They aim to hold the Open Day post-AS levels but prior to school holidays. It is hoped that this will take the form of  usual Open Day events with a talk, a practical hands-on and a tour of the facilities. More details will follow but current Year 13 students wishing to register should do so via Mrs McCaughey, Careers Dept.


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