Results Day Information

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On receipt of results Mrs McCaughey and Mrs McMorrow will be available in their office or if you prefer you can ring in to speak to them.



Information for all applicants holding Firm and/or Insurance offers with Queen’s through UCAS is provided on their website at  

Decisions on UCAS applications will be available on UCAS Hub from 8.00 am on Thursday 18 August 2022. If you haven’t had your offer confirmed, you may wish to consider completing a course enquiry form.

The Enquiry Form, which is available on the website , should be used if applicants wish to be considered for an alternative course at Queen’s and also for Clearing enquiries.

It is expected that the use of the form will reduce the need for telephone calls if applicants follow the instructions provided. Requests are processed more quickly and easily if multiple enquiries are not made by or on behalf of an applicant, ie by the applicant, school, parent etc.

It is essential for applicants who receive changed course offers to reply as quickly as possible. If they fail to do so within five days, UCAS will decline the offer on their behalf.


Ulster University

The University will be providing an Admissions Helpline for applicants/enquiries to undergraduate course vacancies.



Admissions staff will endeavour to make decisions as quickly as possible, and applicants should continue to check their status on UCAS Track. This will be updated twice per day (morning and afternoon).


Applicants who HAVE MET the conditions of their offer will have their place confirmed by UCAS and by email from the University.


Applicants who HAVE NOT met the conditions of their offer will NOT receive an update on their status via the Helpline.


Applicants may still be considered and are asked to be patient whilst the Admissions team process all applications.


The Helpline operating times will be:  

  • Thursday 18 August 2022, 8am-5pm
  • Friday 19 August 2022, 9am-4pm
  • Monday 22 August – Thursday 1 September 2022, 9am-5pm
  • Friday 19 August – Friday 2 September 2022, 9am-4pm





Applicants will be able to inform Admissions of an ‘Exam Remark’ or ‘Missing Grades’ by using the online enquiry form or using the Live Chat facility at



Ulster University will be hosting a range of webinars to support applicants as they prepare and navigate their way through Results Day and potential Clearing opportunities.


Wednesday 17 August, 7pm-8pm: Pre-Results Day – Get Ready.  

A Pre-Results Day LIVE webinar series will offer applicants advice and guidance related to the publication on results the following day.


Thursday 18 August, 10.30am-12noon and 1.30pm-3pm: Results Day Live

During Results Day we will be hosting another two LIVE webinar sessions that will assist those applicants who have achieved their grades, those who are ‘Decision Pending’ and for those who do not hold an offer. The aim of these sessions is to guide applicants through the myriad of options available, including Clearing vacancies, Clearing Plus and Adjustment  


Friday 19 August, 10.30am-12noon: Results in! What Now?  

Our two live webinars will continue to support applicants with enquiries and highlight course vacancies at Ulster University



Ulster University – Clearing

Ulster’s website provides prospective students and their families with everything they need to know about Clearing and Results Day and what support they provide. A full list of Clearing vacancies is also available on their website.



Clearing Vacancies

Clearing vacancies for other universities can be accessed via UCAS –



Round 1 offers will be issued on 8th September 2022.