Sentinus Summer Placements



During Summer 2017, senior students Ronan Hackett and Joseph Murphy spent 4 weeks completing Sentinus placement programmes. Joseph worked with scientific researchers at Queen’s University Belfast, completing the Nuffield Research Placement. Ronan attended Ulster University, Jordanstown for the Sentinus IT placement programme. Both students were awarded with certificates for successful completion of the programmes, during a ceremony at Whitla Hall, Belfast.


“The Nuffield Research Placement was an enjoyable experience as it offered me an insight into the work of scientific researchers. I would strongly recommend that anyone interested in pursuing a technical subject at university completes a Nuffield placement as it is a valuable addition to your personal statement.” – Joseph Murphy 14C


“I completed my Sentinus IT placement in Jordanstown Campus, Ulster University. The placement involved researching, testing new software and getting work with new technology, for example, mixed augmented reality.” – Ronan Hackett 14C


If you are interested in finding out more about these placements and how to apply, go to:

Nuffield Research Placements –

Sentinus IT Research Placements –

Information will be sent to the Careers Department regarding the IT placements. Keep an eye on CBS Social Media for updates.


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