Ski Trip Review 2020

Aidan Gormley review

Andalo, Italy 2020

We got the bus at our school at 01:00 AM and to be honest I was knackered. Obviously I was full of excitement as well. On the bus I sat beside one of my friends and talked the whole way to the airport. On arriving at the airport we got breakfast and boarded the plane for what was to be a 2 and a half hour flight to Verona in Italy. The flight was calm and uneventful. I probably slept for about an hour of it and we had a smooth landing.

When we arrived in Verona we got a bus and had a 2hour journey to the hotel in Andalo. We got a good lunch and checked into our rooms which were really nice. There were six of us in our room and we all got on great and had deadly craic.

Some time later we went and got our skis, boots and helmets fitted which really put us all in the mood for skiing.

Each day we got up at 7.15am, had breakfast and were on the slopes by 9am. We skied 2hrs in the morning and 2hrs in the afternoon each day. I really enjoyed every minute of the skiing from day 1 to 6 and it is scary how much you can improve in just 6 days of skiing. I remember how funny day 1 was seeing everyone falling. We listened and really focused on the advice our instructor gave us and our beginner group worked our way up from the easiest wee hill to the hardest red slope on the mountain which gave us all a great sense of achievement and it was so much fun. Our ski instructor was called Lovro but we all called him Larry. He was a great instructor, had a good personality and was unreal craic, singing and shouting and laughing with us down the mountain.


During the week we had something to do every evening. We had a disco, a quiz night, a movie night, the games arcades, Ice carting and a pizza night so we were never bored. My personal favourite was the ice karting where I won my race.

The teachers were dead on and everyone got on really well. We also met up with pupils from the other schools in the town which was good. I wasn’t homesick at all and had an amazing holiday. During the week I got a really good introduction to skiing  and I cannot wait to go on another ski trip to improve my skills further. It was a great opportunity and I am very appreciative of it. Our ski trip 2020 was unreal and I will never forget it.

Aidan Gormley 10D

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