Ski Trip Review 2023


The ski trip 2023 was one of the best holidays I ever experienced.

The process of getting to our resort was a long one, many hours on a bus, hours at the airport and hours in the sky but it was really worth it.

Pinzolo is a very picturesque town with fantastic scenery in every direction. The hotel we stayed in was in a great location, close to the town centre and a short trip to the slopes.

Our accommodation was cosy and had all the necessary services to make our stay very comfortable.

Our mornings started with breakfast continental style, this involved lots of bread rolls, cheeses and ham, there was also yogurt and cereals available. Once we were kitted out we headed to the slopes.

We were placed into groups of ten based on our skill level and previous experience. This was my first time skiing and so I was in a beginner group. Mattia was our instructor for the week and I would have to say that he really made the experience great fun. He got to know us all very quickly and he even taught us some Italian, although I don’t know if much of it is repeatable! He really encouraged us and somehow managed to stay calm even though we were falling like dominoes at the start. He stayed with us for the week which was great, and it helped our confidence on the slopes. Within the first few days our group quickly picked up the basic skills and were able to progress up the slopes, even making the red slopes on the last day.

Our daily routine of skiing was two hours in the morning, followed by a two-hour break and then two hours in the afternoon. During our break we were served lunch in the restaurant up on the slopes. We were all starving by this time and enjoyed burgers, chips, chicken and pasta each day. You could also go back out and practice on the beginners slopes at this time.

In the evenings at our hotel we were able to relax and if we wanted we were able to explore the town. Pinzola at night time was beautiful with Christmas lights still twinkling, I am still not sure why they were up in late January!

Dinner was at 7.30 every night and we sampled a wide range of food over the week. After our meal there were different activities that we took part in, including a quiz night, a pizza night, a hot chocolate night and there was a disco for the younger pupils. Even though I have a peanut allergy, I have to say that I felt very safe and had no issues with any of the food provided by the hotel.

The night time was great craic and every got on really well.

The staff who came with us were also great fun, it was good to see them also enjoying themselves as they were all skiing with us.

During this trip I made many brilliant memories and I know that I will always look back fondly on them in years to come. This trip is a stand out adventure during my time at school and I would highly recommend it to any student who gets the opportunity to go.

Oran Bradley

Year 13

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