Trainee Air Traffic Controller

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Have you a real passion for becoming a Trainee Air Traffic Controller, have a calm nature and good powers of concentration with strong spatial awareness and excellent problem solving skills?

If you have the right mix of qualities, this is an opportunity to transform your current career into something more. As a Trainee Air Traffic Controller, you’ll help to keep the skies over the UK safe. You’ll receive all the training you need to be at your best in a uniquely challenging and rewarding role.

What will I do?

Your first few months as a Trainee Air Traffic Controller will see you learning on simulators and studying everything from meteorology to aviation law. You’ll then move to an airport control tower or one of our radar control centres to continue your training. Once you’re trained, you’ll coordinate up to 25 aircraft – not only as they take off and land, but throughout their journey across our airspace. Communicating constantly with pilots, you’ll keep each plane a safe distance apart and react swiftly to changing events. Training takes around three years.

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