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Year 13 students are being invited to sign up to UCAS Hub where they can access live session with the experts.


Streamed live in the UCAS Hub, students can ask questions, make notes, and access the tools they need to continue their research and application.

What’s coming up?

  • 9 & 16 June – How to best represent yourself to universities
    Both in your personal statement and interviews.
  • 10 & 17 June – Unpicking league tables
    And advice on how to use them.
  • 23 June – Q&A with Universities of Oxford and Cambridge
    For the chance to find out what exactly is required to get in.


The full list of Hub lives can be viewed on ucas.com, along with details of the subject-matter experts who will be delivering them.

All students need to do is join the live in the UCAS Hub at the right time.

Students not yet signed up to the Hub? It’s quick and easy – here’s how