Ulster University Schools Outreach Academy – Sustainability & COP 26

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Ulster University is a member of the COP26 Universities Network, a growing group of over 80 UK-based universities and research centres working together to raise ambition for tangible outcomes from the UN COP26 Climate Change Conference.


In support of our Sustainability Agenda, we have the following new short courses on our Academy, suitable for all pupils, especially in relation to their Personal Development to inspire and give insights on how they can make an impact.  All pupils will receive an Ulster Certificate on completion and can apply for Ulster Scholar Pin.


Courses on offer:

  • “Sustainability at Ulster”

Course Overview: Year 8 – Year 14 pupils, interested in the multidisciplinary area of Sustainability. An introduction to how Ulster University are making changes to provide sustainable campuses for our students, staff and environment. Investigate the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), how Ulster University is working towards the SDG’s, what our students think about sustainability and finally focusing on some case studies that promote sustainability.


  • “Built Environment”

Course Overview: Year 8 – Year 14 pupils. Ever wanted to make an impact on the look and feel of your city or town? Investigate how to bring solutions to environmental problems which affect the towns and cities we live in. Understand the UN Sustainable Goals and how we as society can impact on living space.



  • “The Business of Being More Sustainable”

Course Overview: Year 10-Year 14 pupils. Businesses, large or small, local or global, can play an important role in achieving the UN Sustainable Goals which aim to achieve peace and prosperity for people and planet. Businesses across every sector can take action to be innovative and ambitious in tackling global issues such as climate change. Could you be that Business person in the near future?


  • “Sustainable Tourism: Holidays that Work for All”

Course Overview: Year 10 – Year 14 pupils. When on holiday, have you ever asked yourself how your trip is effecting the people who work in the tourism and hospitality industry, the local residents?  Explore how tourism impacts and how you can make a positive change for People, Planet and Prosperity. Perhaps this course will spark your interest in a future career in this field, to make sure that tourism remains a force for good!


  • “Safe Water” – (Release date 5th Nov)

Course Overview: Year 8 -Year 14 pupils. Explore how Science & Engineering research is working together to deliver clean drinking water in underdeveloped areas around the world aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Goals.  Take part in interactive lessons covering a range of topics including, UN Sustainable Goals, Safe Water, Diseases & Prevention alongside Research in Technology




Pupil Access

For pupils to access these courses and many others please direct them to: ulster.ac.uk/schoolsacademy 


Search SUSTAIN, to see the selection, then hit ENROL.