University Hospitals Birmingham Trust Work Experience Programme

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We are excited to announce that the largest free national work experience programme for your aspiring medical, dental and veterinary students has returned.This was developed last year in partnership with Birmingham Universities Hospitals Trust and it is free for students from year 11-14 to participate in. We took a small break from the virtual work experience programme in November to convert the LIVE teaching into E-learning courses that students can now complete in their own time.Students have 1 month to complete each session, and once they have completed the programme they will receive a certificate from Medic Mentor and UHB as evidence of their participation. Medical Schools are accepting virtual work experience as an alternative to in-person work experience in light of the pandemic and reduced access to placements. Participation in the virtual work experience will also provide students (and their parents) with several opportunities to speak to doctors, dentists and vets throughout the academic year.They will be able to do this on Tuesday evenings and most weekends, for free. They can also call the Mentor Helpline number 01530 417 299 from 10am-5pm Mon-Fri if they would like to advice on careers or applying to medical, dental, vet school. Mostly this number is manned by Doctors.Registering for these programmes could not be easier, just complete the free online application form for:Medicine: have benefited greatly from these programmes last year. Here is one of our feedback videos:Student Feedback: