Virtual Work Experience Opportunities within the WHSCT

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The Western Health & Social Care Trust (WHSCT) have announced a series of virtual work experience opportunities across a range of disciplines. These virtual opportunities, which are listed in the table below, will be hosted by Speakers for Schools on their Portal.

WHSCT virtual opportunities in the past have only been open to applications from students in schools/colleges in the Trust catchment area. However, this time the opportunities are open to ALL post primary schools/colleges across Northern Ireland.

Available places are limited and because the demand is expected to be high, it is advisable that students should register as soon as possible through the relevant links in the table below, so as to avoid any disappointment.

Only student applications received on or before the application deadline will be accepted




Opportunity Opportunity Date Application Deadline Application Link
Want to become a Dentist? 12th October 2022 11th October 2022
A Career in Hospital Physiotherapy 13th October 2022 6th October 2022
Speech & Language Therapy as a Career 18th October 2022 27th September 2022
Social Work as a Career 19th October 2022 14th October 2022
A Career in Art Psychotherapy 20th October 2022 13th October 2022
What is Occupational Therapy? 2nd November 2022 21st October 2022
A day as a Biomedical Scientist 8th November 2022 21st October 2022
Gain an insight into Diagnostic Radiography 12th November 2022 30th September 2022