Work+ – New apprenticeship opportunities

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Applications are open now and close on Monday 19th June!

Applications close in 10 days, so it’s important to get a head start on your application. We know life can be busy, so we’ve provided you with some useful information to support you with the application process.


For students who have previously applied but have been unsuccessful in the process, they can use the same profile in their new application. They will just have to re-apply to the new apprenticeship opportunities. They should:

  • Log in to their Workplus account.
  • Apply to the brand new apprenticeship opportunities:
    1. Choose the apprenticeship
    2. Rank the employers
    3. Confirm that they have applied to the training providers
    4. Answer: Why do you want to start this type of apprenticeship? (150 words)
  • Update their profile if necessary.
  • Complete the aptitude test if they haven’t already.


Available opportunities


Civil Engineering  Level 5-7 – Design ID (Hillsborough)

Business Administration Level 3 – Design ID (Hillsborough)

Civil Engineer Level 3 – McFarland Consulting (Belfast) –

Civil Engineer Level 5-7 – McFarland Consulting (Belfast

Business Data Management Level 5 – GRAHAM (Hillsborough)

Civil/Structural Engineering Apprentice Level 5-7 – Taylor & Boyd (Belfast)

Civil/Structural Engineering Apprentice Level 5-7 – Taylor & Boyd   (Derry)

Civil with Structural Engineering Level 5-7 – O’Connor Sutton Cronin & Associates (Belfast) Ltd

Construction Plant Maintenance Level 2 – Charles Brand (Belfast)

Construction Plant Maintenance Level 3 – Charles Brand (Belfast)

Machine Printing Level 2 & 3 – MSO Cleland (Belfast)

Mechanical Engineering Level 5 – P Keenan Quarries (Cookstown)

Pensions Admin Apprentice (Business Management) > Level 5 – 3173 (Belfast)

Pensions Admin Apprentice (Leading Customer Operations) > Level 6 – 3173 (Belfast)

Warehousing and Storage Level 2 – MSO Cleland (Belfast)