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CBS and Loreto’s jam-packed trip to London

CBS and Loreto students were recently involved in a group trip to London to promote and see career possibilities in the creative subjects.

The group included students from subjects such as Media Studies, English Literature, Journalism and Preforming Arts.

Immediately after arriving in the city the group was brought on a sightseeing tour of London. This pace continued throughout the trip as the group visited London Museums and famous galleries. They also experienced two theatre productions, West End Musical Billy Elliot and Supernatural Thriller Woman In Black.

In order to gain insight to the world of media and entertainment, students visited and partook in workshops at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and the BBC.

“It was a really good time, I’m actually I’m surprised how much we got done.” said Oran Meenah, a student on the trip.

The trip lasted three days leaving from Belfast International Airport early Tuesday morning and returning from London Stansted Airport late on Thursday.

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